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Website design and development

Website and company design is praised for many things. We are called a web design company, web development company, application development agency, creative agency, graphic design company and so on. We like to be known as a creative web design company that can do whatever your new web design does. What platform do you prefer? We design and develop sites with popular content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento and many more. Whether you are looking for a beautiful site design to impress your audience, or you are looking for a marketing site designed to generate leads, we can help you.

Full service of Foroob web design company

Web Design & Inc. offers full web design, web development and SEO services to Forub-based businesses. Our company is based on providing affordable web design for St. Louis service providers and products. We offer website design using WordPress, Joomla and HTML based on customer satisfaction, high conversion rate and customer retention. Most likely, you came across this page by accident while looking for a St. Louis web design. Glad you found us Having a great website design is the first step in promoting your brand, attracting new business and gaining additional leads. Website and corporate design is different from other web design agencies in St. Louis. We’ll show you how easy it can be to design (or redesign) your new website. Please see below for our most popular web design platforms of choice. Not sure what platform you need?
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Step 1: Discovery

Forub companies look at your brand to better understand your services, products and target audience. This is used to create an experience that is directly targeted to your site users. During this phase, our team will also review your existing platform to better understand your development needs to identify any challenges ahead of time. If there is no brand or website, we will meet with you to find out the details of your vision.

Step 2: Designing

Once our team understands your target audience and business model, we will start making fun of your website design. Our web design mock-ups are "real scale", meaning they are full pixels of what the final product shows in the browser. This allows us to quickly implement any of your edits without editing the live code, and design exactly what you want before developing your website. If available, in addition to the desktop website version, you will also receive a mobile replica.

Step 3: Development

Once our developers have approved the final web design draft by your staff, we will take your site to the development stage. Our development websites are created on a private URL, accessible only if you have a link and are not viewable or indexable by browsers. You can check the progress at any time and see how your site is progressing.

Step 4: Optimization

If your visitors do not find it, having a great website is useless. Website and company design is an SEO powerhouse that ensures your website is optimized for fast loading, security, excellent mobile experience and SEO friendly for your local service area. This can include directory links, profile creation, backlinks, page creation with local targeting, and more.

Step 5: Presentation

Once we have designed, developed, optimized and approved your website, we will take your project to the delivery stage. Our team has a rigid 7-page website checklist that covers many types of SEO design and practices. This document is signed by each party involved to ensure that your site is perfect when it is visible to the world. You can choose whether we host your website or your new site is uploaded to your existing host.

Step 6: Market

Once your website is complete, it's time to market your website and get new business and leads. Our team of highly trained marketing experts can promote your new site in organic search, Facebook and other social media ads, place your business on important local listings, and promote you through word of mouth. Key or follow visitors. Why wait? Contact a member of the St. Louis local team today to schedule a free project review or site audit.

Custom development

Web design and web development company are professional html and css barebones. If your web design project requires a lot of control over appearance or performance, or you do not need the tools of a complete content management system, building a custom site with raw html is great.

We specialize in html frameworks such as bootstrap, base and ulkit. If you need it, we can make it.

Joomla Web Design

Joomla! Is a great cms with several professional features. Easy to develop, design and optimize, Joomla! Is a great choice of cms for your next web design or development project.

Similar to WordPress, Joomla also offers a number of plugins and plugins that allow you to quickly expand common web items to add additional functionality to your website.

WordPress website design

wordpress is a powerful cms with many great features and cms is our choice. Originally developed as a blogging platform, it has become a well-chosen content management tool for a large portion of today’s modern websites, including e-commerce sites.

wordpress is scalable, documented, and can be used reliably for most web design projects.

Website optimization

You need a local company in St. Louis to manage the design of your website, and the company does just that. We make sure your business dominates your local St. Louis search results.

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Magento Web Design

Magento is a powerful open source e-commerce platform built on php, lets you sell your products online and have a strong content management system within your goal, this platform may be right for you .

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E-commerce website design

Control your sales by allowing your customers to buy directly from your website. Website design and experience in the most popular e-commerce platforms including shapify, WooCommerce for WordPress and big business.

Today a great site with e-commerce capabilities

IOS application development

IOS, App Store, Apple iTunes. None of this needs to be introduced. If you want to succeed as an online business, an app can drive your brand or service to millions of users.

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Android application development

Android is the largest operating system for mobile phones, why do you want to be on it? Website and company design can design your Android app and download it live in the Google Play Store so users can find, buy and enjoy it.

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Website marketing

We offer strong marketing solutions for St. Louis service providers and products. Whether you have an online store or an information website, we offer a wide range of marketing services designed to increase your SEO efforts.

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Web traffic can be from many sources. Showing your site consistently across devices can be a difference between customers calling you for service or being disappointed that your site is not responding to a particular platform. Have you ever visited a site that is not optimized for smaller devices? Most likely, you had to scroll constantly, while dragging your finger on the screen to find the information you are looking for. This is not a pleasant experience, and it does not help your conversion rate.

Every St. Louis website design that comes out of your studio is optimized for all platforms and tested for compatibility across all major browsers and mobile platforms. Our in-house testing tools allow us to emulate your website on any mobile device, tablet or screen resolution. The best view of your company is provided to your users with every click, tap or swipe.

Visiting your website to complete a task, sign up for updates or newsletters, make appointments, or learn more about services or products should be easy and hassle-free. Many web pages are not designed to really advertise what the company is doing, or to optimize for a pleasant user experience. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Custom, we do it all. To learn more about user experience, check out this great article by Shari Thurow of Marketing Land, who has written a great article on usability measurement in user experience.

If your visitors do not like the look of your site or lose the user-friendly invoice, they will leave. This happens in the first 10 seconds of their arrival. Have you ever checked your Google Analytics bounce rate or exit pages? Time on the site and exit pages indicate where your website can be improved. Analysis takes us to the next part of web design, optimization.

Website optimization has several aspects. The first part of optimizing your website is to compress or ensure that it can be delivered to users quickly and smoothly. Having a cluttered or poorly optimized site can take a long time to load and consume large amounts of mobile data. Compressing your site can not only speed up the whole process, but also provide a better user experience. Most people do not pay much attention to when things are going well, but if they do not, they will realize it. If all goes well for your visitors, you can count on not seeing them. The hard truth is: There are simply so many sites that do the same thing as you provide to be an excuse for the user to use your site if it does not work properly.

The second part of website optimization is in the form of search engine optimization. Having the best appearance and the fastest website on the planet does not make sense if it is not found in search results. Our St. Louis SEO team takes SEO and web analytics very seriously. We take care of everything related to the display of your website at the top of search results, such as: Content marketing, content and video SEO, conversion rate optimization and more. We design an experience that makes your visitors feel welcome and comfortable doing whatever they want. If you want to know more about our SEO services, we have provided a lot of information for you. Go to the SEO section of our site here.

Our sites have been optimized for speed from the very beginning of development to deliver your content at the current speed.

We code with SASS to keep our style sheets clean and tidy. It also allows us to easily compress the final CSS file, which saves you bandwidth and loading time!

As the web focuses more and more on mobile, your site will not lag behind. All our new builds are fully responsive and compatible with the phone.

We use a local St. Louis data center for our new projects, allowing your local clients to have the best and fastest browsing experience possible.

Before launching, all new sites are tested by the browser to make sure everyone has the same experience. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge and IE11 are supported out of the box.

Our sites have been optimized for speed from the very beginning of development to deliver your content at the current speed.

Websites designed around your users = results

We can name millions (or close to it) of why we are different, provide you with a compelling marketing phrase, say we are the best web design company in St. Louis, and show you pictures of our past successes, but we prefer Let me show you. Web design staff and companies are really interested in helping your company succeed through web design. We love a good battle in search results and our St. Louis web design experts do not like to lose.

Contact us for a free GoTo session. We will show you all the steps of St. Louis SEO services and search engine optimization, and what makes our St. Louis web design company great. This service is completely free and can be done before you finish with morning tea (or coffee). You have probably come to this page in search of a St. Louis website design. Please see the links below for St. Louis Web Design Services and Web Development Services.

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