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Web Development. Web Design and Company Provides extensive development of web-based applications for business or personal website solutions. Our team Web Developers can integrate your existing website with applications for data collection, customer tracking, service-based solutions, and more. Do not allow your website to be locked down due to limited functionality or CMS-based development.

Website optimization services

Need a local St. Louis company to manage your SEO? Website and company design does just that. We make sure your business dominates the local search engine results in St. Louis. Whether you offer products through an online store, or a customer service provider, our team ranks your site at the top of the St. Louis search results. Our SEO company does white hat SEO, which maintains your website rank through changes or updates to Google algorithm. Just do not accept our words, see the picture below. See also our web design services.

Some of our work

Step 1: analyze

Web design and companies first take a step back and look at project requirements before doing anything else. Your budget, timeline, and goals will all be considered for the program. It is also during this time that we will meet with you to ask questions or talk about the details of your development project.

Step 2: Plan

Once our team understands what the project is, we can start drafting a plan for how to create it. Wireframes, database structures, GIT repositories, and quasi-code are some of the things that come together at this stage of the project. If the application has a user interface, such as a web application, it is created during this time and sent for approval.

Step 3: code

Once we are sure of our development program, we move on to the actual development of the program and start creating the code. Frameworks like Laravel are located here, and databases migrate from their pre-designed structures. This is generally one of the longest stages of a development project, because your program is built on it.

Step 4: test

Once the program is created, we will do our best to ruin or fail it. This phase begins with an internal test and generally ends with a round of public or private beta testing to a small user base (depending on the project area). Modifications and corrections are applied to the code and tested again during this step.

Step 5: Establishment

Once the site is fully tested and approved, we will launch the application and make it available to the public. Depending on the application (web application, phone application, api, etc.), this process can vary in time, but is generally very fast.

Step 6: Preservation

Your application will likely need constant maintenance to fix new bugs or modify the code if the application environment changes. We provide maintenance plans for this purpose only and can help you run your program well or teach your staff how to manage the program for you.

Web portals and management dashboards

Help organize your project and let us create a web portal management dashboard for you. The data can be converted into eye-catching charts and graphs so you can quickly see what is going on behind the scenes.

Web applications

Let’s build your web application in the cloud! Web applications require immediate automatic installation and updating. Contact us and tell us about your project!

WordPress development

wordpress is a powerful CMS with a lot of development potential for your project. For information sites, blogging and small e-commerce sites, WordPress is probably the most cost-effective option available.

Laravel application development

Laravel is a well-documented and open source PHP framework that is very popular with web applications. If your project requires flexibility and strength, Laravel is a sure bet.

Payment gateways

Need to add payment to your site? We specialize in integrating the most popular payment gateways on the market, including paypal,, and ribbons.

Apl development

Should your site link to your store inventory or expose the performance of your internal applications to the outside world? We specialize in APL soap development and relaxation.

User interface development

We specialize in creating professional and user-friendly UI elements. If your web application needs work, let’s bring it to the 21st century

E-commerce development

We specialize in e-commerce development and specialize in the most popular frameworks, including woocommerce, magento, and virtuemart, as well as custom e-commerce solutions.

PHP development

PHP comes with HTML and is the server-side programming language. Let our PHP experts build or improve your PHP application.

IOS application development

IOS, App Store, Apple iTunes. None of this needs to be introduced. If you want to succeed as an online business, an app can drive your brand or service to millions of users.

Android application development

Android is the largest operating system for mobile phones, why do not you want to use it? Web design and comoany can design your Android app and download it live in the Google Play Store so users can find, buy and enjoy it.

Mysql database management

MYSQL databases can be a hassle for manually moving and exporting data. Let us export the data to you or create an automated tool that shows you live reports directly from your database

Web applications are essential to the evolving technical world around us. A custom web-based application can not only help you gain customer engagement, but also save you money. Website design and development company does web applications that can help both aspects. With the help of creating your target audience, our web application developers can build a web application that is efficient, engaging, and requires minimal effort on the part of your customers. Website and company design can develop different web applications across many different platforms, enabling your target audience to engage and understand your services.

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